Consumers and advertisers are failing to connect effectively online

There is a definite need among small business owners to both better understand current consumer behavior and embrace their own online behavior when considering their advertising spend. In these economic conditions, small businesses know more than ever that efficient forms of advertising will save time and money. In order to generate more quantifiable results from their advertising spend and drive more business, small business marketers need to think and act like consumers. The data shows they are not.

Consumers – Where is the first place consumers look when searching for a local business:

  • 50% – Search Engines
  • 24% – Yellow Page Directories
  • 10% – Internet Yellow Pages
  • 04% – Local Newspapers
  • 03% – White Page Directories
  • 01% – Television

Small Business Owners – How much of small business owner’s marketing budget is dedicated to internet marketing and advertising?

  • 49% – Spend less than 10% of their budget
  • 10% – Spend between 11% – 20% of their budget
  • 09% – Spend more than 20% of their budget
  • 03% – Spend between 21% – 30% of their budget


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  1. Hi Charles,
    Thanks for the consumer behavior statistics. It is helpful to assist me in my advertising efforts.

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