You do have some choices when it comes to your online advertising dollars. It may seem at times that Google is the only field of play in search engine marketing, and they do hold the lion’s share of search:

With NetMarketShare reporting Google having 86% of the global search market as of February 2010, it would seem to make sense to focus all of you online efforts with Google. But, that may not be the best or only strategy. It may well be that you can get much better prices and positioning for the same search terms on other search engines. What really matters is your return on investment or ROI.

Net Applications, bring applications, services and partners together to provide best of class in each to all of our clients strongly suggests you try several avenues, and always measure your results (HitsLink analytics provides the only real-time affordable solution to meet any budget).

Our HitsLink and SearchTerms tools offer free trials, are affordable and easy to use, but we also invite you to engage our services division to truly optimize your marketing efforts and results.

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