Internet usage has experienced unprecedented growth in the past decade, offering advertisers several opportunities to reach more audiences through innovative digital channels.  Online advertising requires strong analytical skills, but also demands an extreme level of persistence to continuously test, optimize, and repeat.  Large advertisers have done a lot of this work already by investing months and thousands of dollars to uncover what works and what doesn’t for their industry.  So, what if there was a way to snap up a leading advertiser’s online advertising strategy and profitably scale your own?

Well, now there is. There is an interesting tool called MixRank available to online advertisers that aggregates and indexes competitive data.  Many have found MixRank to be extremely powerful for finding highly relevant traffic sources, proven ad copy, profitable keywords, inspirational banner designs, and associated landing pages to stimulate their own ad campaigns.  With MixRank, you can uncover strategic insights from your competitors and use them for your own marketing programs.  Here are the top 5 ways you can use MixRank’s competitive intelligence to turbocharge your online marketing program:

  1. Traffic Sources: Getting links and running placement-targeted campaigns are easy.  However, finding the most relevant and profitable placements to advertise on is hard.  With MixRank, you can uncover the most relevant and profitable traffic sources in seconds by just searching for a competitor’s website in the search bar.
  2. Ad Copy: If you’re not sure what ad copy to use in your creatives, don’t bother testing. See what the competitors are doing on MixRank. Model similar creatives after your top competitors. For example, you might find that “free shipping” is more commonly used than “ships for free” – it’s safe to say you should go with that lingo as well!
  3. Keywords for Lateral Audiences: When doing a keyword search on MixRank’s search engine, several ads that are related to that keyword will help you uncovering different variations or keywords and even entirely new sets of keywords for lateral audiences. These types of keywords can’t be found on other keyword expansion tools, because they are lateral ad groups.  Take advantage of this feature to rapidly scale your campaigns and reach more prospects.
  4. Banner Ads: Unlike search or contextual ads, banner ads occupy the entire ad unit on a site, allowing you to drive out the competition.  Banner ads are indexed daily on MixRank, so you can see exactly what type of ads your competitors are running.  If you want to compete at the same level, grab ideas for your next banner ad on MixRank.  If you notice that your competitors aren’t running any banner ads, you can seize this opportunity to reach unparalleled audiences before the competition catches on.
  5. Landing Pages: Since every ad is linked to a landing page, MixRank offers an amazing technology that catalogs each landing page associated with the ads within the ad report.  With intelligence like this, you now know what your competitors are split testing on their landing pages. See a landing page with a video and one without?  With the frequency metric, you can easily identify which landing page was better performing for the advertiser, giving you a considerable edge when building your own landing page.

Ready to start scaling campaigns in a profitable way? Check out what the competition is doing! We were even able to score this amazing deal so you can try MixRank absolutely free.  Create your MixRank Professional account today to receive your first month on us.  Grab the offer here to save time and money by learning from your competitors’ triumphs and mistakes.

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