Google is testing a new kind of ad unit called “Circulars,” designed to mimic the full-page inserts traditionally found in newspapers.

These large-format ads act like destination sites, where users can explore specials being promoted at nearby retail locations. The ad format is scheduled to be unveiled formally at an Advertising Week event in Manhattan later this week, a Google spokesperson tells Mashable.

The ads, which will be personalized based on a number of factors including location and query, will pop up when viewers click on search or display ads. The ad format is compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Nick Fox, VP of product management at Google, said Circulars were designed in response to retailers’ requests for advertising that would drive online visitors into offline stores.

“[Retailers are] trying to understand what the answer is in the digital age to the offline print circular,” Fox said. “They’re trying to understand how to get their online visitors into their stores. And this is our answer to that.”

Sample Macy's brand Circulars ad.


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