Google has always had a work hard/play hard mentality (have you SEEN their offices?!) and on perhaps no other day of the year is this more apparent than April 1st. This year’s hoaxes range from a job listing for an Autocompleter position to poking fun at everyone’s least favorite font Comic Sans MS. (Search for Helvetica on Google to see what we mean on this one!) The two best by far are the new Gmail Motion and the Chromercise Workout video.

Gmail Motion promises to use “your computer’s built-in webcam and Google’s patented spatial tracking technology to detect your movements and translate them into meaningful characters and commands.” Take a look at the tongue-in-cheek video to the attention to detail on this hoax:

If all the browsing has your fingers worn out, check out the humorous Richard Simmons-esque Chrome workout routine. Everybody Chromercise!

It’s always nice to see such a large corporation that isn’t afraid to have¬† little fun once in awhile. Of course, if you leave it to users, Google’s search results would look a little different too. Here are a couple of the funniest results from a contest that asked users to imagine what search results would look like if Google “had a sense of humor.”

[See the rest of the entries at Cracked.]

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