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Sample Honeypot Google and Bing Search Results

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You could say Bing is taking a cue from its competition, but it seems to be more literally taking search results as well. Google Fellow Amit Singhal is claiming so much and has provided some amusing (if not totally clever) results from its “Bing Sting.” Here’s how it works: find a search term that returns no matches for either site, make a “honeypot” page manually appear for the term, then have about 20 Google employees make the search (and click the top link) using Internet Explorer with both Suggested Sites and the Bing Toolbar on. Within two weeks, Singhal claims, a handful (about 7 to 9) of the 100 or so “honeypot” results were popping up in Bing. Bizarre choices, too, like mbrzxpgjys, hiybbprqag, and indoswiftjobinproduction.

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2 Responses to “Google accuses Bing of “Cheating””

  1. Tony says:

    But doesn’t the bing engine work off number of clicks, so rather than stealing search results, google are merely faking a popular search by getting a bunch of people to search for something which bing will then find?

  2. Debbie says:

    No wonder I get such TRASH from every search engine I use! Every search engine out there wastes my time in recent months with results nowhere near or totally overwhelming and time consuming. Search engines are supposed to help us navigate the information on the web, not increase the number of “clicks” we make! I hope at least one of you grows up soon and starts performing the way a mature search engine should instead of engaging in this penny enny waste my time boxing game.

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