Google +1 buttons are becoming more ubiquitous thanks to an update that carries them over to the mobile web.

The mobile-optimized +1 button made its debut on select Android and iPhone browsers Thursday.

“The button will automatically be visible to anyone on Android 2.1+ and iOS 4.0+ browsers,” Punit Soni, lead product manager for Google+ Games and Mobile, wrote in a post on Google+. “When you +1 something, it will be displayed publicly across the Web as an annotation on the content you +1′d.”

The +1 button mobile upgrade follows recent feature rollouts, including friend annotations, +1 sharing with Google+ circles and +snippets.

As of late August, the +1 button had been embedded on more than 1 million websites. Still, every improvement matters. The +1 button ties directly into Google’s social network, and a recent Experian Hitwise report suggests that the time users spend on Google+ peaked in mid-July.

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