In a recent study released by comScore, searcher demographics showed some striking differences between those looking for Google+ vs. those looking for Facebook in July.

Surprisingly, Facebook had a larger percentage of searchers over the age of 35, while Google+ trended  younger. 34.2% of searchers looking for Google+ were under 35 years old and only 24% of Facebook searchers were under 35.

In addition to the younger demographic, Google+ searchers skewed towards higher incomes. Facebook saw 22.8% of searchers with an income of above $100,000 a year, while Google+ had a 32.1% makeup.

ComScore also elaborated on the information used in this report:

Each example analyzes the demographics of searchers that used the branded terms for the month of July, and are based on head of household. The index baselines are the searcher demographics for the entire US search population. Available measures are Age, Income, Location (home/work), Region of the US, Household Size, and Presence of Children in the Household.


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