Nicole Malik

Apple’s social network Ping will be gone in the next release of iTunes

A sizable percentage of inbound search terms are hidden from publishers now that Google encrypts searches

With the recent announcement of Yahoo’s “Axis” search browser and the rumor that Facebook is to overtake Opera and step into the ring to make a browser of their own, the war of the browser has only just begun.

Microsoft rolled out a new version of its Bing search engine with new features aimed at weaving together the experience of Internet search and social networking.

Google changes how search terms are scored in ranking in the most recent batch of algorithm updates.

Twitter might be developing a premium version of its service…

Facebook is taking steps to beef up users’ security by partnering with antivirus giants to serve up free virus protection.

How did recent Zynga acquisition OMGPOP scale to tens of users in 3 weeks without any downtime? Hint: It’s the cloud.

Cloud computing is the hot-button tech topic these days. When it comes to talk of transitioning companies to the cloud, there is one question that just won’t seem to go away: Is it safe?

Have you wondered if your blog content has ever been pinned on Pinterest? Here’s how to check.

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