Nicole Malik

Facebook’s blockbuster announcements last week have already gotten marketers to rethink how they will use the platform, but what about their brand pages?

Starting this month, a host of popular Web sites will warn users who are surfing the Web on outdated browsers.

Tumblr is a force of nature in the Internet ecosystem that cannot be ignored. That massive audience means opportunities for businesses to find fans and build brands.

The revised Net neutrality rules that the FCC approved in December became official on Friday when they entered the Federal Register. They will take effect on November 20.

Twitter, which just got into the advertising business last year, will start selling political ads this week.

The cat is out of the bag that Facebook will introduce new buttons on the wall that will begin introducing some granularity to the “Like” concept.

Every search engine wants to be more relevant. However, what is relevant to you might not be relevant to someone else.

Twitter is gifting its Promoted Tweets advertisers with wider distribution across the network, meaning you will start to see Promoted Tweets from brands you don’t follow starting Tuesday.

For one Dallas start-up, though, a rather sneaky autocorrect issue is the cause of all of the ultimate discoverability issue: no one can find their new app.

Google +1 buttons are becoming more ubiquitous thanks to an update that carries them over to the mobile web.

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