NetMarketShare from Net Applications has been following and reporting the huge success enjoyed by Apple’s iPhone since its introduction in 2007.  And, Apple is continuing the trend of new iPhone releases in late June each year.  This new release, the iPhone 4, appears to be the largest leap in technology since the original iPhone.  I had a personal wish list of new features:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Longer battery life
  • Better microphone and speaker for speakerphone conversations with noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth keyboard support
  • Better camera for pictures, HD video and video conferencing – including a flash!
  • Faster processor
  • A ’select all’ button for email
  • Folders for grouping similar Apps
  • A book reader with notes and search capabilities
  • iWork Apps for iPhone

The most glaring weakness of previous iPhones has been battery life.  And, it looks like Apple has addressed this with a faster and lower power A4 chip for the iPhone 4 as well as a much larger battery.

I haven’t seen any information released about getting iWork on the new iPhone, but it seems every other item on my wish list has been added.  So exciting!

NetMarketShare recently reported:  Android on the Rise, But iPhone Still Dominates

There is growing competition in the mobile market, with Android already out and a major new threat from Windows Phone 7 coming this year.  But, it appears Apple is staying ahead of the technology curve, enhancing its market leading apps store, and is poised to continue its dominance in this space.

4 Responses to “iPhone 4 coming June 24”

  1. jana says:

    IPhone would be awesome for Verizon. ..

    .I have a friend who switched to att for the iPhone but now has horrible service…and in some places no service where he had before with Verizon.
    ..I have the Droid and I am happy with it…I would love to have the iPhone, but I’m not willing to sacrifice service…do u think iPhone will come to Verizon? Jana

    • There have been rumors about that for some time, but the details of Apple’s deal with AT&T including the duration have not been made public. So, the timing on adding a Verizon service option is still unknown.

  2. DJ Majestic says:

    I’m still disappointed. I didn’t get an iPhone until 3GS. The iPhone is cool but it still pales in comparison to my last phone prior – the Nokia 6230.
    1. The iPhone still does not have a radio with the FM spectrum.
    2. I’m disappointed they didn’t increase the HD to 64GB – like on the iTouch.
    3. By changing the design overall, now you are forced to buy all new accessories (protective cover [the new phone is glass on both sides], belt clip, & screen protector). Hopefully they didn’t change the charger connector.
    The only reason I might consider a new one is if I get the resale value off of the 3GS, otherwise I will wait it out for another year to see if 1 & 2 will be included in upgrade 5.

  3. posoft says:

    Great news for all iPhone lovers, as we all know Apple is most popular and reliable company in IT industry and giving it’s best to it’s users. Well I had read this whole article and must say it really seems superb product, great description and it’s features are really very nice.

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