Today Google announced the replacement of the already-praised Google Mobile app for iPhone with the shiny new Google Search app. The new app (free to download on iOS) is geared at making searches on the iOS platform quicker and easier than ever.

Previously, Google search results on iOS were simply the Google webapp wrapped in a native app skin. The new Google Search app greatly enhances the native features by adding elements such as touch gestures and menus. This adds functionality to swipe down while viewing results to access the search bar, and to swipe left-to-right to bring up a toolbar that will filter results by category (e.g. images).

Google has also made it easier to “pick up searching where you left off” by allowing you to tap the lower portion of the screen and resume searching from a previous session. If you are using other Google Apps, such as Gmail, you will find quick links to these services as well. Additionally, the app includes updates to other Google services such as Goggles, Gmail, and Voice (among others) which are all described further via the help button on the app’s main page.

Google’s Promo Video for Google Search App:

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