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Adobe Systems has proposed a standard that could make it easier to create Web pages with fancy layouts seen more often in magazines.

The company recently proposed a technology it calls CSS Regions (PDF) to the World Wide Web Consortium, which standardizes the Cascading Style Sheets technology widely used to control formatting on Web pages. Adobe also described the technology at a CSS Working Group meeting in Silicon Valley.

“This proposal is intended to support sophisticated, magazine-style layouts using CSS,” said Arno Gourdol, director of engineering for runtime foundation at Adobe, in a mailing list posting.

2 Responses to “Adobe Proposes “Magazine-Like” Web Standard”

  1. renato osorio campolim says:

    o padrão css é muito bom ,mas peca nos detalhes.o sistema pdf é um quebra cabeças,e isso vai contra a atenção do usuario,acredito que tenho a solução para isso,pois é muito mais facil fazer um programa que faça a aplicação em icones com ferramentas individuais?espero resposta ,tenho um modelo que vcs podem usar para desenvolver seu aplicativo.obrigado pela atenção

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    the default css is very good, but suffers in the details. system pdf is a puzzle, and it goes against the attention of the User, I believe I have the solution for this as it is much easier to make a program that makes the application icons with individual tools? hopefully answer, I have a model that u can use to develop your application. Thank you for your attention

  2. teach says:

    This a great proposal by Adobe Systems, it makes, designing more.. easy and more control on the lay-out

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