The Internet currently dominates the way we communicate and find information. It used to be that business owners would dedicate most of their advertising budgets to:

  • Signage
  • Yellow pages
  • Billboards
  • Radio
  • TV

Results were often difficult or impossible to measure, but at a minimum you made sure people could find you by being in the yellow pages.  Now, with more people using search engines to find goods and services, your budget needs to include some form search engine marketing.  Most businesses are able to measure results and many find that SEM delivers the best return on investment compared to all other advertising options.

With SEM, we are also seeing recent advances in location based marketing.  This is giving businesses better options to focus their online budget in locations they are able to service.

So, companies must initially decide if their market is truly global, or if focusing on local advertising makes more sense.

What message resonates better with your target audience – a large national brand or a strong local presence (they aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive)?

As always, we recommend you get good advice on your advertising options, and always measure your results with HitsLink live analytics.

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