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Infographics are nothing new; presenting data in a graphically-appealing manner has been around just about as long as the data itself. Anyone spending a reasonable amount of time of the internet as of late however will note the sudden and perplexing popularity of these graphics however. An “insider” who got a little tired of seeing these graphics pop up everywhere revealed the truth; infographics are an advanced keyword-spamming tactic. Tanner Ringerud, formerly of Buzzfeed, aggregated the relevant facts in…what else? An infographic:

Infographic on Infographics

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Traffic generation efforts aside, infographics work because they are actually providing valuable or interesting content to the internet. A poorly designed or ill-researched infographic will not produce results. Keeping in mind the “no-follow” tips mentioned, infographics still hold a valuable corner of web real estate and do not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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