Google Chrome’s growth is showing some of the consistency we saw in Firefox until Chrome’s arrival.  As far as the reasons for the growth, I don’t know if people are using Chrome because of a noticeable difference in technology from IE, Firefox or Safari.  But, I do notice that Google has been advertising Chrome heavily for the last few months online, on TV, and in print.  Microsoft, Apple and Google all have the means to run widespread ad campaigns for their respective browsers.  But, Google is the up and coming challenger, and they are the only browser I see investing in advertising at this time.  It appears the campaign is working for now.  I’m intrigued to see if Chrome can start grabbing share from Firefox or make a dent on Mac OS, and what that will drive as far as responses in technology and advertising from the other major browser providers.

5 Responses to “Chrome Continues to Gain Browser Usage Share”

  1. Stephen G says:

    Chrome has extended the life on older PCs. For about a year I’ve been recommending Chrome to some friends and family who were whining about how slow their PCs have gotten, and I have only received “Thank-You! Thank You!”’s in response!

  2. dee tails says:

    I’d been having a long term problem with Safari and had put Firefox on my mac osx, there was considerable improvement but thought i’d still give Chrome a go. The improvements improved on the last not just with my connection but with the whole overall look and ease at which i was able to use the application and the more mac users i talk to all seem to agree that macs Safari is already out of touch and out of date with the growing demands of browser users.

  3. Steve Barker says:

    Older PCs? Chrome does not work before Windows XP!

    For older PCs, I use Linux (eg. MacPup ).

    If you want to stay with Windows (2000, ME, etc) Opera is the browser to pep it up.

  4. I have to second Steve’s motion that Opera is the way to go with older OSs, but shouldn’t be discounted on the newer ones either. I’m experimenting with their version 10.10 64bit Beta on Kubuntu 9.10. Last week I put Opera 10.50 on a customer’s Vista box and was very pleased to see the whites of his eyes when he launched it. ‘Course all he had to compare it with was IE and Firefox, neither of which can compete for speed. Chrome might well have been competition for Opera on Vista.

    I’ve been watching and documenting (my IIQIndex linked above) browser patterns for a couple of months now and Chrome hasn’t bitten into Firefox’s market share yet, but IE is really taking a nose dive.


  5. Daan says:

    I’m lovin’ google chrome. I have tryed out safari, IE, firefox and oprah, but chrome is perfect for me. The combination of the speed from browsers like safari and oprah, but on the other hand the big number of extensions like adblock etc. from firefox. Also the security is really good. This makes me a very happy man :D

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