Apple announced today they have now sold over 1 million iPads, over 12 million iPad apps and 1.5 million e-books.  And, the iPad 3G is now available, allowing the device to become truly mobile.  I am curious if we will all start seeing iPad tapping on the streets, in coffee shops and at airports soon in large numbers.

The browsing usage on the iPad through WiFi has taken off quickly, demonstrating the attractiveness of using the device despite its lack of Flash support.

We break down several intriguing aspects of iPad usage market share on

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  1. dee tails says:

    It’s interesting to note that the iPad has sold over 1 million iPads and is now selling it’s second version with 3G to accompany it’s WiFi, all this before they bring one out with a camera which will make good use of mobility factor of the product meaning one can walk around talking face to face or face to screen to anyone else whether they’re on an iPad or laptop or desk top, including having conference calls. Now i’m not saying this will happen but these strategic improvements in between upgraded products would seem to be the secret to macs sales success praying on the impatient. So whether they do bring one out with a camera or not common sense would tell me that as with their laptops and iPhones and desk tops i as a mac user should wait, but if you’ve got the money to buy each upgrade then so be it.

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