It wasn’t all that long ago when MySpace defined social media, and Facebook was this little know social niche site focused on college students. If you saw the movie The Social Network, you saw some of the thought that went into building Facebook into the new definition of social media. Much of the strategy was built around exclusivity. It reminds me of my younger days, and trying to get into a nice club in Vegas or New York. Sometimes we’d wait in a line for a while only to discover when we got inside that the place was nearly empty. The clubs would keep a line outside to give the impression of exclusivity. People really like something they think is exclusive – so long as they are on the inside. Hence, the invitation only Google+. And, guess what – it appears to be working. tracks current and past website visitors with live dashboards that focus on Traffic, eCommerce, Mobile Sources and Social Media Sources. This data is aggregated and included in to provide market share data for traffic coming from social media sites. And, it’s this very traffic that should be the focus for advertisers and agencies. Are your social media efforts paying off? Which sites are driving traffic? NetMarketShare has a recent report that shows where the largest sites stand currently, and Google+ is making headway quickly.

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  1. joanci says:

    google es lo mejor del mundo

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