Target PPCYour campaign objectives are set. Payment settings are in line with the budget, keywords have been selected, and you are geared to run a successful AdWords PPC campaign. Everything is ready to launch except one very important element; the ad that visitors will see after a query.

The importance of quality ad copy is the same as for all communication campaigns. The copy text must be attractive, catchy and well-targeted; allowing for a succinct and clear message.

AdWords presents very limited real estate in terms of having to convey convincing info in a small amount of characters. Your copy must therefore be all the more catchy in order to achieve results. The three elements of an ad that require attention are the title, description, and eventual landing page. Let’s take a look at each:

The Ad Title
The title is the most important element of an ad simply because it is the first impression to the user. In the title, you should include your most popular keywords in your maximum of 25 characters. These keywords will automatically be highlighted in bold, attracting user’s attention. Consequently there will be a clear answer to the relevant query.

Sample Google AdWords Ad

Sample AdWords Ad

The Ad Description
Once hooked, the description is what users are looking at after the title for more info. There, you can shortly describe your value proposition or a special offer and explain to the users that your offer provides exactly what they are looking for. Keep in mind that the description includes 2 lines with maximum capacity of 35 characters per line. Click now, subscribe, book now, etc, are all good call-to-actions to include in your description in order to see results and conversions from your campaign.

The Landing Page
Users are now clicking on your well-crafted ad and landing on your domain. You will want to ensure that the landing page that visitors are clicking on is relevant to the search query and to the ad text. Directing visitors to a generic home page can over mean game over and a lost conversion. Users want the information they are looking for to be readily available; make them work too hard to find it and they will give up.

Optimize your campaign by testing various combinations of ad copy and landing pages to find the ones that fit best to your business. A small change to the title of your ad or to the call to action may double your conversions. Utilize analytic tracking over time to continuously hone in on your target.

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