The Mac has always been a distant second to Windows-based computers.  But, the Mac has always been a great platform with a steadily growing and wildly loyal user base.  And, Apple has always been a computer manufacturing company.  At least until a couple of years ago when Steve Jobs declared that Apple is a mobile company.  The iPhone had recently become a phenomenon that had changed the smartphone market.  The iPod had long been a phenomenon that had changed the portable music player industry.  Apple’s iTunes app store forever changed the distribution of music, mobile apps, and other content such as movies, recorded TV shows and books.  What few outside of Cupertino knew then was that the iPad was under development.  And, here we are today, where the iPad has become a phenomenon that has reinvented the tablet market.

The success of these platforms has made Apple the most valuable brand name on the planet.  Not to mention many boatloads of money!

iOS, the operating system that drives the iPhone, iPod and iPad, has become the third most used operating system on the planet with 2.24% usage market share. And, with all of this success in mobile, the Mac may have become less important in Apple’s grand plans, but it is growing in usage market share as well:

Trend for ‘iOS’

Kudos to Apple – the mobile company.

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