Competition?  Really?

There were several attempts at building a tablet computer before the iPad.  Anyone remember the Styalator?  How about the Dynabook?  Pencept?  GRiDPad?  Pentop?

There’s a reason we don’t know these names.  Only friends and relatives of the makers ever bought any.  It got to the point where people thought the tablet computer just couldn’t compete against a desktop or laptop computer.  But, Apple thought differently.  And, they had some strong advantages to make it work:

  • A touch screen device with massive sales on the market (actually 2 – the iPhone and the iPod)
  • A proven operating system for touch screen devices
  • Award winning user interface for touch screens
  • A flourishing ecosystem in the App Store (not sure if I need to include a trade mark symbol on that, Steve?)
  • Masses of app developers focused on the platform, and profiting from it
  • A marketing engine second to none

You add all that up and you get the success that the iPad has become. reports:

We reviewed the usage share numbers on three of the iPad’s top competitors and found the following:

The iPad has 0.92% share of all browsing. This compares to:

Tablet May Usage Share (of all browsing)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 0.018%
Motorola Xoom 0.012%
Blackberry PlayBook 0.003%

In other words, the iPad has 53 times the usage share of its nearest competitor.

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